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The S.T.A.R. Initiative 2013 Review

The S.T.A.R. Initiative -pamphlet

African-Americans and Clinical Research

Cancer Facts & Figures for African Americans


PCORI 101 Patient-Centered Outcomes Research -Training Video


PCORI Presentation

STAR Initiative Training Presentation

STAR Medline Plus

S.T.A.R. Initiative ©

A culturally appropriate methodology for minority communities to identify, select, & involve researchers capable of engaging communities to conduct Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR). It is an opportunity for minority communities to be involved in research as never before by selecting researchers who are sensitive to the needs of the minority communities.

Patient Engagement Clusters © are formed in the community.  They will be the “judges” who will select the researcher, work in the planning and design, and finally, dissemination of the results. There will be a strong educational component to ensure that the community is knowledgeable of research.


It’s universal, replicable, scalable, for any community, population, & group.

A Strategic Plan for Recruiting Researchers  by Minority Communities

•Researchers who can work with minority communities
•Researchers who can help to answer the questions that are most important to  minority patients/caregivers/stakeholders.
•Minority communities are involved in every step of the research from partnering in the design of the research to the dissemination and sharing of the results
•Poor/Negative relationship between medical centers and community are removed

•Minority communities and researches maintain relationships to continuously engage and design of questions for more research

The major components of The S.T.A.R. Initiative© are:

•Developing a mobile app that enables the African-American women to select the appropriate researchers.
•A comprehensive educational curriculum that provides health literacy and education for African-American women that is culturally appropriate so that they become experts on a breast cancer.
•A comprehensive educational curriculum for researchers to become acquainted and experts in engaging African-American Women.  
•African -American women become “champions” for PCOR in the community, promote community participation and continue to identify researchers for more studies via the mobile app.


S.T.A.R. Initiative Mobile App